Invoice reconciliation on a level playing field


InvoiceCheck is the unique method for the detailed examination of bodywork repair invoices and their automated payment.

Repair invoices are a science in themselves. Often they are anything but transparent. No clear breakdown of items can be discerned behind the set prices, every manufacturer has their own guidelines in terms of working hours and included items, and the list goes on.

Thanks to InvoiceCheck, time-intensive manual checking and comparing is a thing of the past. Control€xpert will be pleased to handle this for you. Currently our team checks up to 1,500 cases daily. This is made possible by ever improving links to databases, which permit an automated comparison with manufacturers’ data.

Something that no amount of digitalization or automation can manage is the skilled art of talking to the repair shops on the phone. Only well-trained employees are capable of doing this. Control€xpert performs a technical check at the end of each case. Subsequently payment can also be handled automatically via InvoiceCheck.



Four reasons for InvoiceCheck

Closing cases

A carefree package incl. processing by phone & handling the case by C€ with the repair shop.

Compliance with rules & instructions

We check on the basis of manufacturers’ data.


We provide facts & figures that make sense.



Fully automated payment process (shadow processing). 


Your personal adviser

Jörg Breuer

Head of Sales and Procurement