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In Germany alone over 9 million traffic accidents happened in 2015. The insurance companies are faced with the challenge of processing these large volumes of claims quickly and in a customer-friendly way.

We wondered: 

How can we translate the claims process into our day and age? Wouldn’t it be possible, e.g., to use the smartphone with its diverse possibilities for claims settlement, too? 

The answer is:

Yes, it is. With EasyClaim.

Claims settlement the smart way:

EasyClaim is claims settlement the modern way – simply per smartphone.

The EasyClaim app cuts the time required for claims settlement from several weeks down to a few hours. Information and pictures of the damage are sent to Control€xpert via smartphone, and within a mere two hours the customer knows how much the damage is going to cost. Whether he or she prefers fictitious billing or being directed to a repair shop is up to the customer.

Claims settlement couldn’t be easier!



Four reasons for EasyClaim


Claims can be processed in just a few hours.


Structured data transfer. Combination of digitalization & expert


Single-touch process for insurance companies & insurance agencies.

Customer satisfaction

Fast & easy handling plus innovative claims settlement.

And that’s how easy it works:




Claims settlement in just a few steps.   

Identifying the vehicle

First general data are recorded. To this end simply enter the mileage and the e-mail address and take a photograph of the back of the vehicle registration.

Taking photos

Now you must take a photo of the damage from close up and in diagonal view. 


Now the extent of the damage is calculated. Then it’s your choice: direct payment or repair? Payment or repair?

Payment or repair?

If you decide on repair, the app directs you straight to the next repair shop and also makes a convenient appointment for you if you wish. Do you prefer getting cash? No problem, because once you have entered your customer data, the insurance company initiates payment.


Your personal adviser

Jörg Breuer

Head of Sales and Procurement