The 150 employee strong IT Department is subdivided into three areas:

Innovative ideas result from Product Management. Do you as a customer have an idea or vision? We can happily consider and further develop it together. Once the idea is well-elaborated and defined, the next stop is Software Development.

The is the second largest area. Here the Software Developers, Testers, and Scrum Masters work according to agile methods, which means transparent implementation and high quality without bureaucratic layers.  

Our third area is the Infrastructure team. Here we take care of our technical equipment. We set-up our work place, provide our colleagues with the most up-to-date programs, and maintain our server rooms. The server rooms are the centerpieces of our department, because all of required data that we use for the technical and digital audits are stored here. For operational stability we operate two redundant server rooms: should one go down, the other one automatically comes on. So nothing will go wrong.