redefining rules

We digitalize manual processes of insurance and leasing companies, repair shops, and OEMs in the automotive industry. As a service provider, we simplify and accelerate complex transactions. We were founded in 2002. In the past the settlement of vehicle claims took a long time and was accordingly more expensive.

Over the years, we increasingly standardized the knowledge of car experts in databases along with manufacturer data. This unique combination of IT and vehicle know-how is our recipe for success. Today we are able to perform audits of appraisals, estimates, invoices, and maintenance documents in a mostly fully-automated way.

The customers benefit from our determination of high savings potential as well as transparent and accelerated processes. Today we audit more than 8 million vehicle claims per year with the help of over 800 colleagues at 16 locations. Each country has individualized products and services that are tailored to local requirements. Our customers include all major insurance and leasing companies, repair shops and OEMs in the automotive industry.